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Berrin Kekliker, Miss Turkey 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Get to know everything you need to know about Miss Turkey 2013


Name: Berrin Kekliker

Age: 18

HT: 5’10’’

Language: English, German, Turkish


Bio: Berrin Kekliker was born in Germany and grew up playing many sports such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis and many more! Berrin is currently studying fashion and acting, with dreams of one day becoming a professional singer. Currently, Berrin is a professional model who loves to traveling and baking.

Quote: “We have to love our neighbors as ourselves, because human ego is a very big problem in our world. The strong must help the weak—this is the only way to live in a peaceful world. ”  


Fun Facts:

1. When Berrin was 10 years old, she saw a dog who was famished and about to die. Berrin secretly took him home and rescued him.

2. Berrin’s hidden talent is her ability to sing.

3. Berrin can fluently speak English, German and Turkish.

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